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Educational fair 2013 in Kharkiv

On October 26, 2013 we have held our First International Fair «Education Abroad» in Kharkiv and it was an extremely successful event. More than 1500 students and parents from Kharkiv and other cities visited our fair in luxurious Kharkiv Premier Hotel 4*.  Our main partners supported us by joining this event and giving great feedback on it.

Please, check our partners´ feedback as well as see photos and video of the First international Fair “Education Abroad” in Kharkiv in 2013 here.

Eruditus First International Fair «Education abroad» in Kharkiv from ERUDITUS on Vimeo.


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Partners feedback

Lucas Bertoli

Regional Marketing Manager – Europe | ILSC Education Group
Lucas-2The Eruditus fair held in Kharkiv was an absolute success! The event went off without a hitch and it was evident to all institutions present that there was plenty of thorough planning and forethought involved months prior to the fair. The university city of Kharkiv has a lot of qualified students who are genuinely interested in learning more about the study abroad options available to them and so it was encouraging to see a constant flow of interested attendees at the fair. My congratulations to the very capable and professional Eruditus staff on hosting such a successful fair and I look forward to attending future events from Eruditus!



Urpekli Mergul
Sales Area Executive | EUROCENTRES

MirgulFrom my point of view the fair was extremely well organized and very professionally run.I was also very happy with the turnout and I`m sure it will produce good results for us.

It was really useful to have a relaxed chat with the audience after the presentation during the coffee break.




Tetiana Ondiuk
Partner and Accounts Manager (Eastern Europe and Central Asia) | STUDY GROUP


Thank you very much for organising a fair which attracted dozen of great students from Kharkov and suburbs. I really enjoyed working on the fair last weekend. I noticed that students from Kharkov are very strong academically; their English level is quite good and they are very motivated students. Also I was very happy to see parents on the fair which means that they seriously think about education abroad for their children. I hope you will invite us next year as well :)




Magdy Attalla

Regional Marketing Director | Business and Hotel Management School, Switzerland
Magdy_webYour events in Kharkiv and Poltava this year were great and produced us fruits for this season. I am fortunate to be joined by a young and dedicated group of professionals like you in my recruitment efforts in this part of Ukraine.
Thank you very much!




Nadia Ramseir

Marketing Manager, International Student Recruitment | Algonquin College, Canada

Nadya_webAlgonquin College, Ottawa, Canada and Eruditus collaborated on a series of seminars, school visits and fair in Kharkov and Poltava in 2013. All events were very well organized, and attended. Marina and Volodymyr Pavlichenko and their team were very professional in their dealings with the students and their parents, and I have great confidence that we will receive students from their region into our ESL and post-secondary programs over the next year. I am looking forward to joining their event in the fall of this year!



Alexandra Exarchou
Marketing Department | European University, Switzerland, Spain, Germany
Thank you for the First International Fair ‘Education Abroad’ in Kharkiv. I truly believe it was very successful with 1500 visitors. The organization of the event was professional from the beginning till the end and everything run smoothly. The ‘Eruditus’ team did an excellent work!





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