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Educational Fair 2016 in Kharkiv and Dnipro

Fair 2016

The Fourth International fair “Education abroad” took place in Kharkiv and Dnipro on 23-23 October, 2016. This event can be surely named as the main educational fair in all Eastern Ukraine. The number of visitors in both cities exceeded the numbers of previous years and reached 5000. What is even more remarkable is that the fair was really a family one, as almost 70% of those who came were families. It became possible because of well-organized recreation areas in front of the conference halls, where every visitor could find something interesting to do. For example, children could play at the kids’ area while the older ones could take funny and unusual photos at the photo zone.

As for the fair participants, this year also became very successful. More than 10 countries from all over the world were present in Ukraine that weekend. The programs that were represented:

  • Language courses for adults;
  • Camps for children;
  • Home tuition;
  • Family language programs;
  • Secondary education at boarding and public schools;
  • Higher education.


The Fourth International fair “Education abroad” was the most diverse in terms of represented programs and educational institutions. Programs for free, cheap options, expensive and even exclusive ones – there were so many variants that every visitor could find something interesting, suitable and affordable.

Two days, two largest student cities, greatest conference-halls, best educational institutions, highly-qualified counsellors, most interesting and popular study programs – that is the main conclusion about the Fourth International fair “Education abroad”.

Educational company Eruditus is very proud to host this kind of event in Ukraine. Our team does its best in order to make this fair run as smoothly as possible. Positive feedback of the partners, their constant support and readiness to participate in the fair is the best reward for us. Eruditus is open to cooperation and is looking forward to new partners coming to the fair next year.

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